“Parents “Out” At School”

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School supplies, new clothes, and carpooling arrangements. It’s Fall and Back-to-School time! (Sighs of relief are ok!) All across the globe parents are facing the new school year, its joys and challenges. And as a gay or lesbian parent it can be overly challenging. Each step of your child’s academic ladder—pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school—is a “coming out” process for you as well.

So, just how “out” should you be at your kid’s school?

The answer, like good study habits, starts at home. Your outness at home can greatly influence how out you choose to be at their school. Let’s repeat…how out you CHOOSE to be at their school! It’s the same as how out you choose to be at work and in life. It is your choice and what fits for you and your family. Critics be gone, it’s your decision.

However, be prepared; when you least expect it, you will get outed at your kid’s school—intentionally or innocently, it will happen. So here are five tips to consider about being an out and proud gay parent at your child’s school.

*Talk about it as a family. Regardless of your children’s ages, you need to have a family talk (age appropriate and at a level your child understands) about the uniqueness and make up of your family unit and what “being out” means. Two Dads? Two Moms? Two Dads, a Step-Da, and a Mom? So much diversity can be confusing for a child to explain. So practice some basic questions your child may get asked, and help them learn how to answer those questions—in their own way.

*Be ready for your child to out you! Kids are innocent in their approach to life. So don’t be surprised when you and your partner are at Back to School Night little Nathan introduces you to his best friend Billy, as “my Dad and his boyfriend Scott.” BINGO, you’ve just been outed” If this happens, be authentic, take it in stride, and enthusiastically reply, “Hi Billy, nice to meet you,” continuing as if nothing is amiss, even though your stomach may be in knots.

Stay true to yourself, your family “out plan” and know this is all part of being a gay parent.

*Read the full article @ 365gay


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